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What Is The Lifetime Of iPhone 12 Pro Max Screens

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If you recently got an iPhone 12 Pro Max or are thinking of getting one, you may be wondering – how long do these fancy iPhone screens actually last? I did some digging to get an idea of the average lifespan of iPhone 12 Pro Max screens.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max has one of the most durable screens Apple’s ever made. It uses a new material called a ceramic shield on the glass display, which Apple says makes it way tougher than other smartphone screens. That extra protection should help it better withstand those inevitable drops.
But even though it’s super durable, the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen can still crack or scratch with enough impacts or abrasions over time. How you use and handle your phone makes a big difference in how long the screen lasts. If you toss it in bags and pockets all willy-nilly with your keys and loose change, the screen will show wear and tear a lot faster. But if you baby your phone and keep it safe in a case, the screen can stay looking new for years.
From what I’ve read, most iPhone users can expect to get around 3-5 years of life from their screen if they take decent care of their phone and don’t crack the screen early on. But accidents happen, and not everyone treats their phone with that much care. In reality, iPhone screens seem to last between 2-4 years on average before needing repair or replacement.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max does seem slightly sturdier than earlier models, though. The ceramic shield glass is a big upgrade that should increase the average lifespan of the screen. My guess is the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen might push towards the higher end of that range, maybe lasting 4-5 years or so in typical use.
Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how accident-prone you are! I definitely recommend getting a protective case and maybe even a screen protector to be safe. Avoiding drops as much as possible, keeping the phone away from sand and grit, and wiping it down regularly can also help the screen last longer.
And if your screen does eventually crack or sustain enough scratches to bug you, you always have the option of getting it repaired or replaced. The iPhone 12 Pro Max screen isn’t cheap to fix, but it extends the life of your phone and is way less than the cost of a brand new device.
So in summary, with proper care and protection, you can expect iPhone 12 Pro Max screens to realistically last around 3-5 years before needing a repair or replacement. The ceramic shield glass gives it better odds of hitting the long end of that range. But accidents happen, so handle it with care and savour that stunning OLED display for as long as you can!

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