Mockingbird General Sweat it Out: Saunas and Detoxification Explained

Sweat it Out: Saunas and Detoxification Explained

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Saunas are one of the oldest traditions that have survived until today. It has been part of different cultures and traditions, but one thing remains universal – the benefits it provides, physically and mentally. In the past few years, saunas have experienced a rebirth, with innovations and advancements that cater to every individual’s needs and preferences. This blog post will discuss the evolution of sauna – from its traditional roots to the modern amenities we have today.

Traditional saunas have been derived from different cultures. In Finland, saunas have been around since the 12th century and were used as a form of cleanliness and purification. These saunas were in a small wooden structure, and the heat came from a wood-burning stove that was covered in heated stones, which emitted a dry heat that encouraged perspiration. Compared to modern saunas, traditional saunas have limited health benefits. However, traditional saunas offer a more organic and authentic experience, as it honors heritage and tradition.
With technological advancements and modern innovations, saunas have come a long way since its traditional roots. Enter the world of infrared saunas – a modern take on the traditional sauna. An infrared sauna uses light to produce heat, resulting in a more comfortable and beneficial experience for the users. The heat from the infrared sauna penetrates the body deeply, emitting toxins and promoting relaxation, muscle regeneration, and many more benefits.
Saltwater saunas are another modern innovation that mixes tradition and modernity. Saltwater saunas use sea salt and other natural minerals to produce a more refreshing and detoxifying experience than traditional saunas. These saunas are often used in spas to help with skin therapy and muscle pains.
Another modern innovation is the combination of sauna and flotation therapy. Flotation therapy is the act of lying in a tank of heavily salted water, simulating zero-gravity effects and deep relaxation. It’s a perfect complementary therapy to a sauna session, as it provides deep relaxation and mental clarity. Together, the combination of sauna and flotation is ideal for mental and physical wellbeing.
The evolution of saunas represents not only the transformation in technology but also how the benefits of saunas have been discovered and enhanced throughout time. Traditional saunas honor cultural heritage, while modern saunas push boundaries in the medical field and cater to every individual’s preference. From sweating it out in a wooden structure, sitting in an infrared sauna, detoxifying in saltwater saunas, and floating in a therapy tank – the sauna has come a long way. Regardless of the way one chooses to use a sauna, it’s essential to remember that the benefits remain the same – overall well-being- for the mind, body, and soul.


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