Mockingbird General Maxwin’s MPO Showcase: Dive into MU138 Daily

Maxwin’s MPO Showcase: Dive into MU138 Daily

Maxwin’s MPO Showcase: Dive into MU138 Daily post thumbnail image

Maxwin’s MPO packages are already a popular option amongst drummers since their intro from the 1980s. The MPO (Maxwin Potential Option) line was made as being an reasonably priced option to our prime-stop drum packages offered at that time. The line was discontinued in 1990, making those that very own one of these products with a treasure. Among the MPO packages, the link mu138 product has obtained enormous reputation due to the balanced noise, longevity, and cost. In this blog post, we’ll discover Maxwin’s MU138 MPO drum set as well as its characteristics.

The Maxwin MU138 MPO drum set includes a 22-” largemouth bass drum, 16-inch surface tom, 13-” holder tom, and a complementing snare drum. The shells are made of a seven-ply wood shell with a stunning sparkled silver complete. The kit’s equipment is long lasting, with good-quality steel lugs and black color stainless hoops, rendering it very easy to track and maintain.

One of the most impressive features of the MU138 is its well balanced sound. The bass drum makes a comfortable thud, as the snare drum features a snappy and razor-sharp sound. The carrier tom produces a brilliant, punchy sound, as well as the ground tom carries a deeply, resonant color. This will make it ideal for any style of music of music from rock to jazz, metal to blues.

An additional vital function of your MU138 is its value. When compared with other high-finish drum products available in the market, this system is known as a good deal. But the kit’s price does not give up its durability or sound quality. It is the ideal equilibrium between charge and usefulness.

The MU138’s compatibility with various drumheads and cymbals adds to its flexibility. The set comes with normal drumheads, which may be substituted with every other brand’s drumheads for the customized seem. It’s also compatible with any sort or size of cymbals that drummers may want to use. It is then simple for drummers to change up their sound to match a unique category or style.


The Maxwin MU138 MPO drum system is a superb selection for drummers looking for a well-balanced noise, toughness, value, and flexibility. It is actually a best mixture of these attributes and is a popular choice for several drummers. Using its exclusive sparkled gold accomplish and-quality hardware, the MU138 is undoubtedly an vision-finding addition to any drummer’s set up. If you’ve been thinking of getting a substantial-top quality drum set without breaking the bank, the Maxwin MU138 MPO drum system is undoubtedly an option you should think about. Make the best from your drumming sessions using this type of cherish.


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