Mockingbird General Bridging Dreams: Can You Use Your Current House to Buy Another?

Bridging Dreams: Can You Use Your Current House to Buy Another?

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So you’ve been thinking about buying a second house or upgrading into a bigger property. The query in your thoughts is, can you employ the worth of your existing property to get one more? The reply is sure, it is probable. Actually, utilizing the value of your existing can I use my current house to buy another house residence is definitely an superb way to get an additional property. Nonetheless, prior to taking that step, it’s necessary to think about the pros and cons meticulously.


Capacity to Secure a Better Mortgage loan Rate

By utilizing your own property home equity, you can aquire a far better mortgage price considering that the bank thinks about one to be a smaller fiscal danger. You may also qualify for a lesser interest, which can help you save 1000s of dollars in fascination over the lifetime of the money.

Simplicity of a payment in advance

By using the value of your respective existing house to purchase an additional house, you already possess the downpayment dealt with. This can be an exceptional answer if you don’t desire to offer your current house, yet still want to get real estate.

Investment option

Utilizing your present house value to get an additional residence could be a great expenditure possibility. If you plan on leasing out your new home, you will be generating leasing revenue while paying down the home loan.



One of the greatest risks of utilizing your current home value to get another property is basically that you may end up having two homes with two home mortgages to pay. This will increase your financial threat, particularly during challenging economical occasions.

High-Cost personal loan

Several lenders give a second house loan in accordance with the price of your own house. This implies you will have to cover closing costs and also other charges associated with new mortgage. Additionally, 2nd home mortgages often have higher interest rates than main home mortgages.

Value of Your House May Alter

Your present residence worth could change in methods you cannot foresee, that could have an effect on your financial situation when you are relying upon its alternation in value to financing your brand-new purchase.

To put it briefly:

Making use of the equity inside your current the place to find acquire another can be quite a great idea if you’re mindful and plan properly. Think about the pros and cons on this economic approach cautiously, and if you opt to just do it, do this using a cautious arrange for your long term economic requirements. In the end, utilizing your equity can bring about well worth the cost opportunity and the chance to grow your economic portfolio with a number of qualities.

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