Mockingbird General Athens and Attica Clocks: MyApofraxeis’ Timekeeping Legacy

Athens and Attica Clocks: MyApofraxeis’ Timekeeping Legacy

Athens and Attica Clocks: MyApofraxeis’ Timekeeping Legacy post thumbnail image

Did you ever hear of sewer timepieces? Indeed, you go through that appropriate! These are generally timepieces created from the small parts and items of older sewers. And if you’re pondering it may sound gross or strange, we obtain it. But once you find the exclusive assortment introduced by BLOCKAGES ATHENS AND ATTICA (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ ΚΑΙ ΑΤΤΙΚΗ), a Greek sewage cleaning organization, you may just improve your brain.

MyApofraxeis has been doing the company more than twenty years as well as in this time they may have run into some intriguing things although eradicating out older sewers. They begun to accumulate these items and very soon enough they had enough to generate a truly one-of-a-kind collection of timepieces. Each and every time clock is handmade and different as no two items in the sewers are alike.

The clocks themselves are not only interesting but gorgeous as well. The rusted steel and old patina allow them to have a commercial stylish cosmetic that could match perfectly into any contemporary home or office area. Every time clock informs its unique scenario, with pieces coming from diverse places around Greece.

1 clock in particular captured our eyesight, created entirely from older domestic plumbing fittings located in Athens. Another was crafted from thrown away cycling parts uncovered in a sewer pipe near Thessaloniki. But another integrated a damaged streets sign that had decreased using a manhole deal with.

But just how do these timepieces even operate? Properly, every piece is carefully cleansed and sterilized prior to being put together in a performing timepiece utilizing great-high quality quartz actions imported from China. The result is not only visually gorgeous but additionally completely functional.


MyApofraxeis’ sewer clock series may appear strange at first but it’s hard to refute the beauty and individuality of each individual item. These clocks are not only useful timepieces but additionally discussion newbies guaranteed to make an impression on any visitor. And the point that they are produced entirely from reclaimed components implies they’re not merely wonderful and also eco-friendly. So, the next time you see yourself in Greece, make sure you look at MyApofraxeis along with their fascinating assortment of sewer timepieces.

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